Waking up on a Monday and remembering I have the day off.

Waking up on a Monday and remembering I have the day off.

I seriously hate it when people post nonstop about dead parents, but feeling bad for yourself two days out of the year isn’t overdoing it, I think. Anyway. 13 years on this 13th day of 2013. Don’t tell me the #13 isn’t spooky. RIP Dad.

I used to dream about you dying

I used to dream about you dying. It wasn’t a horrible dream – not something one would call a nightmare, really. It was more of a wish. Much darker than a nightmare, I suppose.

The dream didn’t happen with any consistency, but when it did, it would always…

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My new website bio

Knowing how to write takes much more than ‘going to school’ for it – as many shitty writing degree graduates prove. But sharing that I have a B.A. in English and Writing encourages some folks to read my stuff, so there you go. I guess they assume I’ll know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re,’ for example. And they’re right.

I also have an M.Ed. in Education. So maybe I’ll teach you a thing or two as well? Who knows. I write because I love writing, but beyond that I realized years ago that what I really wanted to do was to make people see. See what? Well, that part’s a little complicated.

Where I grew up and where I am today are two entirely different worlds. Neither side fully understands the other – and I can’t claim to either, but I’m both an insider and an outsider in each. I have awkward interactions all the time, with friends from either side making assumptions about me – and about people I love – that just don’t fit because they can’t see. Or maybe they can and just choose not to. I like to make my own assumptions there.

I write to release and remember. Writing is both the easiest and the hardest thing I could do and that’s why I’ll always do it. And although I know that publishing a popular book is unlikely, I’m used to beating the odds.

Thanks for checking in. Have questions? Ask and I may answer.